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the girl with the red lipstick, shannyn kt

An up and coming local music photographer based out of the Port Jefferson/Mount Sinai area of the North Shore of Long Island. 

Thanks for checking out my photography site, you may know my Facebook page "The Girl With The Red Lipstick", which started out as a way to promote local music and art. But has bloomed into an outlet for my music photography. 

I've always had a passion for music since i was young, and around the age of 15 years old i started to dabble around with the Nikon D3100 i wanted for my 16th birthday. 

After many years of doing photo shoots with friends, taking endless photos in school for MSG Varsity and the classes of 2011, 2012, and 2013 yearbook photos, and capturing every meal on camera. I eventually left behind the auto button option, as well as my broken camera once i turned 24 - and purchased an updated, better camera, and came into my own with my photography. 

I decided to combine my passion for photography, and music - and started to take photos for local musicians of their live shows, as well as promotional photos for social media.

I started shooting local musicians for fun, personal interest and a hobby, but the money came in when local musicians began to like my work and contact me to book live music, as well as promotional social media shoots. 

I pride my business in being a more affordable option for local musicians who are in need of photography. 

Honest affordable prices, for quality work. 

I also am available for portrait shoots, couples shoots, and more. 

My social media links are below, and you can contact me at iamshannynkt@gmail.com, or text me at 631-708-8590 for more information,  or for my rates. 

Looking forward to working together!